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Events & readings


• July 25 (Zoom/YouTube Live): Oakland Asian Cultural Center and Write Now! present Healing Around Racism: Creativity & Activism featuring  poems, video and discussion by Jennifer Hasegawa, Dennis J. Bernstein, Eth-Noh-Tec & Avotcja, produced and moderated by Shizue Seigel, in partnership with UC Berkeley Asian American Studies and Asian Diaspora Program and Public Service Center.


• July 11 (Zoom/YouTube Live): Oakland Asian Cultural Center and Write Now! present Healing Around Racism: Mental Health & Multicultural Solidarity featuring readings and discussion by Shizue Seigel, Tureeda Mikell, Dr. Ravi Chandra and Kelechi Ubozoh, in partnership with UC Berkeley Asian American Studies and Asian Diaspora Program and UC Berkeley Public Service Center.


• July 9 (Zoom):San Francisco Public Library Poem Jam, Civil Liberties United reading curated by Kim Shuck, featuring Shizue Seigel, Tony Aldarondo, James Cagney, Kimi Sugioka


• June 25 (Zoom): Curated Words, curated by Nicole Henares


• June 10 (Zoom): Sacred Grounds open mic, Shizue Seigel featured reader

   May 21 (Zoom): Write from the Gut, readings from the San Francisco Creative Writing Institute

• May 20 (Zoom): The Good Around Us curated by Gael-Sylvia Pullen, featuring Deborah Santana and writers
  from the anthology  All the Women in My Family Sing

• May 19 (Zoom):Get Lit, Nomadic Press

• May 15 (Zoom): Poetry for the People presents Our Voices Emerging In the Time of COVID-19 guest reader

• May 3 (Zoom):Write Now! presents Stand Up and Be Counted in the Era of COVID -19, poetry and prose by 32 writers /activists of color and allies, including the Poets Laureate of San Francisco and Berkeley, as well as dedicated health care providers, educators, and community activists

• April 25 (Zoom):Poetry Under the Dome, moderated by E. K. Keith 

• April 24 (Zoom): Avotcja’s La Palabra Musical

• April 4 (Zoom): POSTPONED due to COVID. Eves at the Beat, curated by Shizue Seigel.

• March 29 (Zoom): POSTPONED due to COVID. University of Michigan, Why I Fight, a multi-day exploration of mental health and the arts. Panelist and classroom visit.

• Jan 24 (Zoom): Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, Civil Liberties United reading with Sue Granzella,
  Anahita Miller, Sridevi Ramanathan, Shizue Seigel Getting Cold, Sheer Luck)



• Dec 8: Howard Zinn Book Fair, City College of San Francisco - Civil Liberties United reading Kim Shuck, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Kevin Madrigal, Avotcja and Shizue Seigel

• Oct 19: Lit Crawl - Civil Liberties United reading with Andre Wilson, Charlie Amore, Susana Praver-Peres, Kevin Madrigal, Sriram Shamasunder

• Sept 18 & 19: Making the Grade: Academic Pressure and & Mental Health two-day Lowell High School series presented to two sections of Nicole Henares’s Literature and Psychology class.

• Sept 7: Oakland Asian Cultural Center - Civil Liberties United reading co-sponsored by Eastwind books of Berkeley featuring Avotcja, Susana Praver-Perez, Shizue Seigel among the 22

• Sept 4: Cesar E. Chavez Library, Oakland, hosted by Pete Vilasenor - Civil Liberties United reading featuring Tony Aldorondo, Avotcja, Rafael Jesus Gonzales, James Cagney, Susana Praver-Perez, Raluca ioanid, Sriram Shamasunder, and Shizue Seigel.

• Sep 3: Avotcja’s Bebop, Cubop & the Musical Truth, KPFA-FM -  Civil Liberties United with Susana Perez, Tehmina Khan and Sriram Shamasunder

• Aug 30: Avotcja’s La Verdad Musical, KPOO-FM featuring Shizue Seigel and Holman Turner

• Aug 24: Avoctja’s La Palabra Musical, Cesar E. Chavez Library, Shizue Seigel and Thomas Robert Simpson, featured writers

• Aug 23: Browser Books - Civil Liberties United reading with Josiah Lius Alderete,  Sandra Bass, E. K. Keith, Tehmina Khan, Gail Mitchell, Shizue Seigel, Kimi Sugioka, with a special tribute to the late Public Defender Jeff Adachi

• Aug 14: The Bindery, We’ve Been Too Patient reading with Kelechi Ubozoh, L.D. Greene

• Aug 13: Books Inc, Berkeley, We’ve Been Too Patient reading with Kelechi Ubozoh, L.D. Greene

• July 20: Walking the Planks

• July 11:  Eves at the Beat, Womens reading at the Beat Museum, curated by Nicole Henares

• July 7: Bird & Beckett Civil Liberties United reading with Shizue Seigel, Avotcja, Dee Allen, James Cagney, Francee Covington, David Erdreich and Richard Sanderell, Norma Smith, Lyzette Wanzer.

• June 22: Civil Liberties United Book Launch and Creative Showcase, San Francisco Main Library, Koret Auditorium with Kim Shuck, Avotcja, Tongo Eisen-Martin among the 32 writers & artists

• June 21:  Radio -  Avotcja’s  La Verdad Musical, KPOO-FM, Shizue Seigel & Tony Aldarondo   

• June 18 : Radio -  Avotcja’s  Bebop, Cubop & the Musical Truth, KPFA-FM, Civil Liberties United with Kim Shuck and Shizue Seigel

• May 21: Get Lit open mic, Nomadic Press, Alehouse Industries

• May 4: Bay Area Book Festival, Resurrection: Reclaiming the Stories that Make Us Whole, panel moderated by Shizue Seigel with Cherríe Moraga, Mallory O’Meara, and Alexandria Brown

• April 24: Sacred Grounds - Civil Liberties United featured readers: Gail Mitchell, Thomas Robert Simpson

• April 17:  Sacred Grounds - Civil Liberties United featured readers: Kimi Sugioka, Tony Robles

• April 14: Gears Turning, Adobe Books, Shizue Seigel, Poetry Month featured reader

• April 10:  Sacred Grounds - Civil Liberties United featured reader: Kim Shuck

• Apr 3: Sacred Grounds - Civil Liberties United featured reader: Shizue Seigel

• Mar 31: Soul-Making Keats Literary Prizewinners, Koret Auditorium
• Mar 4: Quiet Lightning, with Andre Wilson, Kevin Madrigal, Shizue Seigel and others

• Mar 3: Eastwind Books of Berkeley, Endangered Species reading with Rose Berryessa, Clara Hsu, Shirley Huey, Dena Rod, Shizue Seigel and Sriram Shamasunder

• Feb 21: Al Robles Memorial, Fillmore Heritage Center

• Feb 22: Center for Spiritual Living, Endangered Species

• Jan 5: National Japanese American Society Making Waves curated by Yukiya Jerry Waki

• Jan 28: Bay Area Generations

• Jan 20: Traps Trauma Transformations, Moondrop Productions curated by Cassandra Dallet and Kelechi Ubozoh

• Jan 11: Browser Books Endangered Species reading



• Nov 8: Green Apple on the Park, Endangered Species reading

• Nov 1:  The Local, Alameda, Endangered Species reading

• Oct 20: Lit Crawl, D Copper +, Endangered Species reading

• June 9: Paseo Artistico, Adobe Books, Shizue Seigel

• June 8: Laurel Book Store, Endangered Species with Jesus Sierra, Soraiya Domi Lozano, Kimi Sugioka, Grace Morizawa, Shizue Seigel, Holman Turner, and Kelechi Ubozoh.

• June 3: Moondrop/Assn of Black and Brown Writers, Copper Spoon

• May 29: Lunada Literary Lounge, tributes to Rene Yanez and Peter Yamamoto, including Rene’s artist statement in Endangered Species 

• May 26: La Palabra Musical, Avotcja, Cesar Chavez Library, Endangered Species with Thomas Robert Simpson, Dena Rod, and Shizue Seigel (“Grandma Baachan”)

• May 23: KPOO- Avotcja - Shizue Seigel and Francee Covington

• May 17: Western Addition Library Open House, Endangered Species/Standing Strong.

• Apr 24: Bird & Beckett Endangered Species, intro, Hijab, Nellie Wong, Roji Oyama, Thomas Robert Simpson, Jennifer Hasegawa, Shizue Seigel, Dena Rod

• Apr 15 Green Arcade, Endangered Species, Francée Covington, Sriram Shamasunder, Simeon Alojipan, Queennandi X

• Apr 8: Endangered Species book launch, Koret Auditorium

• Apr 4: SFSU Lewis Kuwahara talk Japanese American Literature and Arts (35)

• Mar 30: KPOO Avotcja with Sriram Shamasunder

• Mar 29: Assn of Asian American Studies “Noble Deeds by Average People”

• Mar 11: Gears Turning, Featured reader

• Mar 4: Soulmaking Keats, 3rd prize short story

• Mar 1: World Series of Baseball Poetry First Inning

• Feb 19: Bird & Beckett Day of Remembrance with Hiroshi Kashiwagi and Mia Ayumi Malhotra

• Feb 15: Laurel Books, All the Women in May Family sing (Laurel),

• Jan 22: Bay Area Generations with Jennifer Hasegawa


2017 readings;

• Dec 15, 2017:  Write Now! Writers of Color, At the Inkwell, Alley Cat Books. Kimi Sugioka, Queenanandi Shabazz, Holman Turner, Jennifer Hasegawa, Shizue Seigel

• Dec 2, 2017:  Mission Arts and Performance Project: Nuclear Threat US North Korea. Pathos on Harrison, curated by David Kubrin and Jorge Molina. Featured speaker 15 min. Intro re: Pearl Harbor/incarceration, “The Fly,” “Daily• Weekly”

ª Dec 3, 2017:  La Lunada -  open mic, 3 min. “Clue about Christmas”

• Nov 27, 2017:  Bay Area Generations with Jason Stanzyck, Shizue Seigel

• Nov 19, 2017:  Howard Zinn Book Fair Xiomara Larkin,  Holman Turner, Queennandi Shabazz, Keh-Ming Lin, Ravi Chandra\, Thomas Robert Simpson, Shizue Seigel

• Nov 12, 2017:  Gears Turning, Adobe Books (readings from Your Golden Sun Still Shines) featured readers Tony Robles, Shizue Seigel and Norman Zelaya,

• Oct 13, 2017 reading:  Litquake, Make Out Room,  (Your Golden Sun Still Shines book launch) “Arboreal Homicide.”

• Oct 6-Nov 9, 2017 group art exhibition: “Mission Street [Past • Present • Future Tense],” 165-photo installation with 16-foot map of Mission Street for Remembrance and Resistance, Dia de los Muertos, SOMArts Cultural Center

• Aug 16-Oct 13, 2017 group art exhibition: Mission Street, San Francisco: To Be and To Become, California institute of Integral Studies, 230-image photo montage of Mission Street, audio memoir “Sixth Street Needle Exchange,” and Ben Pease’s 44-foot map

• Aug 5, 2017:  Write Now!, Nihonmachi Street Fair. NJAHS with Roji Oyama, Anthony Brown, Jennifer Hasegawa, Xiomara Larkin, Grace Morizawa, Queennandi Shabazz, Peter Yamamoto and NJAHS interns.  Intro. “The Hijab”


July 13, 2017 performance:  Inside OUT, Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL “More Than A Number (performance with music/movement by Cixian Lu and videography by Denton Peter McCabe)

• June 17, 2017 reading:  Atlantic Center for the Arts, Associate Artist Introductions “A Small Slice of Sky” with 22 images

• June  1, 2017 reading:  Jentel Presents, Sage Gallery, Sheridan WY Daily Weekly and intro/10 images

• May 8, 2017 talk:  In Good Conscience presentation, Sheridan High School, Sheridan WY. Tyson Emborg’s government classes (prizewinners in Center for Civic Engagement’s annual national “We the People”constitutional law contest)

• April 2, 2017 reading:  Standing Strong, San Francisco African American Historical & Cultural Society with Charles Dixon, Lyndsey Ellis, Sandra Bass, Standing Strong intro. “Aunty Lou’s Rag Rug

 • March 25, 2017 reading:  Bay Area Generations Raluca Ioanid and Shizue Seigel

• March 5, 2017 reading:  Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition

• February 8, 2017 talk: Senior Disability Action -  “No Ban, No Wall; Don’t Repeat the Japanese American Incarceration”

• Feb 3, 2017: Standing Strong: Fillmore & Japantown, I-Hotel Speaks/Manilatown Heritage Center, with Lyndsey Ellis, Juanita Tamayo-Lott, Roji Oyama, Ravi Chandra, Sandra Bass, Shizue Seigel: “Heart & Soul of the Western Addition”/”Daily Weekly”

• Jan 7, 2017: Eth-Noh-Tec Salon “Mutual Rights”


2016 Readings


• Aug 6, 2016: Nihonmachi Street Fair, standing Strong! Fillmore & Japantown

• July 25, 2016: Bay Area generations with Jennifer hasegawa.

What is Taught and what is learne, Speculations at 3 am.


• July 25, 2016 Standing Strong. Eastwind books with sandra bass, lyndsey Ellis Jennifer Hasegawa, Queennandi, Ernestine Patterson, Grace Morizawa,  Tamiko Wong


* 7/28-9/3/16 – Transformations: 25 years of Asian American Women Artists

“Not Forgotten,” “Beggar Woman’s Baby” 1500 wds.


7.14/16/ InsideOUT, Atlantic Center for the Arts, new Smyrna Beach, FL. Beggar Woman.


6.28.16 Introduction ACA A small sice of Sky and artwork.


5.23.16 Bay Area generations with Raluca Ioanid .Invasion, Beggar Woman, Recipe for disaster


May 4 - Aesthetic Blitz: Some Girls, Foundations, Luko Loco


5/24/16: Beggar Woman 512 words, Recipe for Disaster 48 words


5/22/16: Standing Strong. “Daily • Weekly • Monthly,”  5 min. “ excerpt from Sandra Bass

5/4-6/24/16 – Aesthetic blitz – LukoLoco, some girls, Foundations.

Poem: Intersection with Self


4/23/16 Write of Way BAG – Beggar Woman 599 words


4/3/ 16 Soul making - Beggar Woman  1102 4 min. need to cut


3/11/16 Wow a Small Slice of sky 3 min   450 words


1/25/16 – Bay Are Generations – Baachan’s house 683 words. 7.5  min max


1/9/16 Eth-Noh-Tec - Beggar Woman  1102wds      8 min.



De 15: Grottto – Small slice of sky  3 min. 450 words


12.5. Liminal Baring and Breaking –10 min.  Beggar Woman 1166 words

May 2-25, 2013 underCurrents and the Quest for Space

Rui and More than a Number – May-Lee Chai

11.25 Octopus writers from the margins 8 min.

More than a number 450 word  Small slice of Sky 686 words


10.14.16 Generations Berkeley – Instant Soup with Juggling Time and Zero-Sum


9/15/15 Bay Area Generations- Souvenirs of NOLA 462. Slice of sky 686. One women’s Hell 192 wds. Hotel Rex

8/16.15 Pen and Pencil Club; Reading: Whirlwind #5 Poverty launch Party, August 16, 2015, Pen and Pencil Club, Philadelphia, PA by Irette Patterson and Mona Washington. souvenirs of NOLA. Terror (one woman’s Hell



3/20/15 – Soul making Of Christmas and karma – A clue about Christmas 4 min

3rdf prize religious essay; Just across the street Hon Mention Intervultural essay


12.11.15 Grottto – Small slice of sky  3 min. 450 words


12.5. Liminal Baring and Breaking –10 min.  Beggar Woman 1166 words

May 2-25, 2013 underCurrents and the Quest for Space

Rui and More than a Number – May-Lee Chai



NOV 23, 2014. • Nov 2014: “A Clue About Christmas,” Warriors in Transition, Ellen Woods book launch, Center for Spiritual Living, Oakland, with Lyzette Wanzer

Nov 15 solo presentation, "In Good Conscience” Howard Zinn Bookfair



• May 2013: “More than a Number,” Navigating the underCurrents reading at underCurrents and the Quest for Space exhibition, AAWAA, SOMArts Cultural Center


• 2007: “Don’t Look Away,” Cheers for Muses reading, Modern Times, San Francisco

• 2007 “Don’t Look Away,”Cheers for Muses reading,, APAture Festival, co-sponsored by ZZYZZVA and AAWAA, San Francisco

2005: “The API Writer Within” panel, Third Thursdays, JCCCNC, San Francisco, CA

2003: “Avalon Hei

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