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Endangered Species, Enduring Values
An Anthology of San Francisco Area Writers and Artists of Color

Edited by Shizue Seigel

Pease Press. Publication Date: April 2018

Paperback, 272 pages, 90 pages in color, 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-0-9904173-4-7

Endangered Species, Enduring Values is a new anthology of prose, poetry and four-color artwork by over sixty San Francisco area writers and artists of color. It presents a compelling snapshot by and of the city’s majority minority, who now comprise 58% of the residents in the nation’s most diverse and progressive metropolis.​

It includes stories like these: a dark-skinned South Indian physician learns to protect himself from security guards in his own hospital, The Black Women Is God art exhibition affirms a suicide survivor’s healing, an Iranian immigrant recalls a school-day bombing in her homeland, and a Filipino Black poet and activist carries on his family legacy.

According to editor Shizue Seigel, the book's title, Endangered Species, Enduring Values, refers to people all over the world, of every race and culture, who are losing their connection to the places, histories, values, and traditions that shaped societies over millennia. San Francisco’s residents of color, a significant but largely silent majority, draw strength from their heritage not only to survive but to thrive—through compassion and collaboration rather than competition." Seigel gathered over 70 people of all ages and walks of life to respond artistically to these questions: 

• In challenging times, how do heritage, history, or spirituality inspire you as

   a person of color?
• What sustains you and keeps you working for a just and inclusive society?
• What do you want the world to understand about your heritage or community?

Endangered Species, Enduring Values








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